Optical Power Meter Functions

Optical Power Meter Functions

In this article, we will be discussing about the optical power meter functions. As you already know, that an optical power meter is used for accurate measurement of the power of any fiber optic equipment or the measurement of optical signal's power when it passes through a fiber cable.

The strength of a light beam that carries a signal diminishes over distance when it travels through the optical fiber. An important function of optical power meter is that it determines the loss of power that incurs to an optical signal when it passes through optical media.

Before measuring the power through an optical power meter, you set the required wavelength either manually or automatically. Accurate calibration of wavelength is important to measure the power level correctly.

If you are associated with the field of fiber optic, whether in a laboratory, telephone maintenance, or production shop, it is extremely important for you to own an optical power meter.

Optical Power Meter Functions

An optical power meter can be understood as an instrument used to express the intensity of the light receives in the terms of power. In short, it is used to measure light's intensity or power of a light signal at the output of fiber optic cable.

Optical Power Meter by Qiirunco:

Optical Power Meter -70~+10dBm

Qiirunco sells an Optical Power Meter -70~+10dBm that serves your need well to measure the loss of power in an optical fiber. This helps you decide whether there's some change needed in the optic cable or is it working perfectly fine. The price of this optical power meter is pocket friendly. Just $25.00. It includes tax and Qiirunco provides you free shipping.

Details about Optical Power Meter by Qiirunco

There are two buttons on this meter. One is the power button, used to turn the meter on/off. The other button is used to change the wavelength. It has a display. At the top, there is a sensor that detects the light beam. It is made of InGaAs. We set the wavelength according to our convenience. The power value is displayed on the screen along with its unit.

How power loss is calculated?

For the calculation of the power of an optical signal or fiber optic system, first you connect the optical power meter to a device used for optical transmission and measure the power of signal. After this, you connect the optical power meter to the remote end of fiber optic cable and take the readings on it. Optical loss is calculated by taking the difference of both readings.

The resulting value is the power loss that occurs when a light beam propagates through that cable. This OPM by Qiirunco has a display range of -70 to +10dBm @1550nm. It has the capacity to work for 80 hours continuously. It consumes low power so the process of checking the loss of power is cost efficient. It consists of an automatic measuring range adjustment. The resolution of bandwidth is 0.01dB. Its accuracy is 0.35dB +-1nW. Working wavelength is 800-1700nm

Optical Power Meter with a VFL:

Optical Power Meter with a VFL

If you are interested in locating the fault as well as checking the power loss, then for your convenience Qiirunco has manufactured an optical power meter and visual fault locator. This optical power meter is easy to use and measures the loss of power along with locating the faulty points in an optical fiber. You can manually set the wavelength with the lambda button on the device.

Device Description (OPM with VFL)

A button is also available to turn the device on/off. It consists of an optical detector at the top that detects the signal coming directly from an optical fiber. A sensor made of InGaAs is present in this detector. Once you have taken readings from both ends (the end through which the signal was introduced and the end to which it travelled, you can calculate the power loss by subtracting the ending power from initial power. This device by Qiirunco provides you with high precision and serves the function of optical power meter very well. It also helps you in detecting fast changes of the output power. It's accuracy is 0<+-3% (-10dBm/22°C)

Optical Power Meter with VFL and Fiber Light Tester

Another device Qiirunco offers to you is the combination of functions of optical power meter and visual fault locator in a fiber light tester. The function of this optical meter is the same but with enhanced features. The outer shell is made of rubber to make it comfortable to use. The type of detector is InGaAs. It measures the power loss in dBm, mW, uW. It provides accuracy ranging from -0.2 to +0.2 dB.

Device Description:

It consists of 5 buttons. A power button, a button to turn on the VFL, a lambda button to set the wavelendth, a REF button, and a dBm/W button to set the unit of power.  First, you check the initial power of a light signal. Then you check its power at the other end of optical fiber. The difference between both values helps you calculate the power loss.


These were all the functions of optical power meter. So, if you are planning to buy an optical power meter or a 2 in 1 optical power meter with VFL then give the products by  Qiirunco a chance.