Fiber Cleaning Kit

QIIRUN brings you the best fiber optic cleaning kits that will help you get rid of even the toughest contaminants in your optic fiber cables. The presence of contaminants at end faces of optic fiber cables leads to data loss and network failures. Use our fiber optic cleaning kits to clean and maintain your fiber optic products. These cleaning kits come with variety of tools that aid you in the fiber optic cleaning process. Use these tools to remove dust, dirt, oil or any other contaminants without the risk of scratching, nicking or damaging your optic fiber cables in any other manner. The various tools included in these kits include Fiber optic clean cassettes, one click cleaner pens, Fiber optic cleaning sticks, a bottle of alcohol/solvent for wet cleaning, absorb lint wipes etc. Our fiber optic cleaning kits also come with a carry bag for carrying all your important cleaning tools around. You will find all of our fiber optic cleaning kits cost-effective and of good quality.

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Fiber Optic Cleaners Kit

$89.99 USD
Fiber Optic Cleaners Kit Research has shown over 85% of fiber optic network failures are caused by contamination on the optical connector end-face. For best optical performance, it is imperative...
Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit Fiber Optic Cleaner Tool

Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

$59.99 USD
We carefully select and group those fiber optic cleaning products which are essentials for your fiber optic cleaning tasks. They can effectively and quickly clean connector end-faces, remove dust, oil,...