Fiber Identifier

Qiirun brings you the best optical fiber identifiers for your optical fiber signal detection work. Fiber identifiers act as the eyes of an optical fiber technician. By placing macro bends in an optical fiber cable, fiber identifiers can help you detect the infrared light travelling through the fiber cable. The macro bends allow only a small amount of light to pass and units then use this light to detect CW signals or network traffic. Fiber identifiers can detect both the direction and the intensity of the travelling light signal. Fiber identifiers are essential tools for any optical fiber field technician or installer. You will find our fiber identifiers easy to use allowing you to carry out signal detection work to ensure that live fibers are not disconnected. Our fiber identifiers will allow to carry these tasks without interrupting communications (as you only have to clamp the device on the optical fiber) or causing any harm to the optical fiber in question. They also come with micro bending technology and the feature to display stuff like relative core power, low false detection and insertion loss. You will find all of our optical fiber identifiers cost-effective and of good quality.

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Live Fiber Optic Identifier

Live Optic Fiber Identifier with VFL and Macro-bending Measurement Technology

$159.00 USD
Macro-bending Measurement Macro bends are the use of fiber-optic bending leak out when the weak optical signal, optical signal to detect the direction and intensity. Does not damage optical fiber,...