FTTH Tool Kit

FTTH or fiber to the home, refers to direct installation and use of fiber optic from a central point to the buildings likes residences, apartments or businesses for for providing high-speed access of internet. It increases the connection speeds dramatically compared to other technologies that are being used widely. They promise to provide a speed up to 100Mbps. This is 20-100 times faster compared to typical cable or DSL connections. Its installation over a long distance can be costly due to installation of new sets of cable over the existing cables to individual users. The structure of FTTH networks is: a fiber cable from central offices. It goes through FDH(fiber distribution hub). Then it passes through network access points, then through the junction box to the home.Two system types allow data transfer in the form of light through fiber optics that makes FTTH possible. These systems are AONs (active optical networks) and PONs(passive optical networks) . We can use both types for FTTH implementation. Each has its own benefits. However, PON is widely used because it is cheap to install and offers high performance. FTTH enhances the network performance and offers high speed over long distance which couldn't be offered by other network cables such as coaxial or DSLs. Its higher bandwidth has persuaded the experts that it will become a widely adopted technology in upcoming decades.

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